Thursday, October 29, 2015

Week 4. Day 23. Monday. Oct 26.

Welcome to the week of finals!
Can't believe it's already the final week. With lazer sharp focus and the right environmental factors (called EEF in PMI terminology), it's amazing how much one can achieve in a short span of time!
Heading into the final week, we are feeling very confident, given the fact that we have already completed couple of iterations of each deliverable.
Agenda for this week:
Monday - Final Team meeting with Liza.
Tuesday - Final meeting with the coordinators.
Thursday - Final presentation to the PSF team.
Friday - Final presentation to the extended audience (other clients and Orchids).
Saturday - Flight back home.

Day 23. We spent the day at PSF office working and further tailoring our deliverables. PSF is located in the Emerald trading area of Bogota so we decided to capitalize on this by visiting the Emerald House. Michal and I checked out some Emeralds (unfortunately, we did not buy any).

In the evening, we had a team meeting with Liza. We heard that Liza was sick and would not be able to make it to the hotel. Instead, Liza proposed to do Skype. When we returned to the hotel we had a surprise - there was no power in the Hotel. So the team meeting was canceled and moved to Tuesday.

We saw some teams working in the candlelight in the dining area. Growing up in India, we used to have frequent power cuts in Summer and it reminded me of the days I used to study in candlelight!

Sheri was kind enough to offer us to make Mexican Food (Tacos) this evening. Since we had no power, we have to postpone this event to Tuesday.

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