Friday, November 6, 2015

Day 26. Thursday. Oct 29.

Verdict on Colombia
So a lot of misconceptions about Colombia were debunked in this trip. Colombia is an extremely welcoming and friendly country where I never felt unsafe for a moment.......... except when I shared my room with Michal in Cartagena :o) (just kiddin'!). (Yes, there are certain stories in the blog which may seem scary but they were written in jest and/or exaggerated for entertainment purposes! Please note that this blog also served as a cathartic channel for me). In Bogota, cops are ubiquitous and I always felt safe. There are no signs of "drugs" or "mafia"! People are on time and very professional. The food is amazing and being a vegetarian I never found it hard to find quality food. I would not think twice to visit Colombia if I ever get an opportunity to travel again!

Day 26. Last day at the PSF office! Also, the day of the final presentation to the PSF colleagues. We followed the usual ritual of buying tea/aromatica at the corner store below PSF office.

We met with Diego, Sindy and others at the PSF office. Diego gave us his business card. There is something very creative about this business card - try to guess! You will find the answer after the picture:
This business card is embedded with Chia seeds which if planted in the soil will yield plants! I think this is a genius concept!!

Our final presentation to PSF was in the afternoon. Since this was the last day at office and we had already finished the slide deck, we took 30 minutes during lunch to visit the Gold Museum (Museo Del Oro) of Bogota. This was a 5 minute walk from the PSF office. This is the largest gold museum in the world and has more than 50,000 gold artifacts on display!

On the way, I got my shoes polished for the final presentation! :)

Meanwhile, I just couldn't stop admiring my shoes.

In the afternoon, we presented the final results to the extended PSF team. We described the SOW provided to us, what we delivered, lessons learned and personal reflections. We got the feeling that everybody appreciated our effort and were excited to use our tools!
PSF is all set to reach the next level of maturity as a company. They have the best people, they have great products and above all the right attitude - all they need is a bit of luck and some generous funders who can see the value they are adding to the society.
One thing is for sure, I'm always available if PSF needs my help.

After our presentation and a Q&A session, we said our goodbyes to the team and headed back to the hotel. It felt a bit strange and sad to leave the PSF office knowing that we probably would never work there again.