Thursday, October 29, 2015

Day 24. Tuesday. Oct 27.

Day 24.
Breakfast meeting with Liza.

PSF has a program called Creaciones COMParte in which people from the low income neighborhoods of Santa Rosa are trained in manufacturing jackets and bags. The bags and jackets are then sold to local stores in Bogota. The advantage of these products is that the materials used for making them are sourced completely from within Colombia. Additionally, this is socially responsible manufacturing. However, PSF still employs traditional ways of selling these products. 
We spent the afternoon with Sindy, setting up the online webstore on (Colombia's Through the web store, Creaciones COMParte will hopefully be able to reach out to a greater number of audience with their amazing products. 

In the evening, we met in Sheri's room for the Mexican dinner that she cooked for us. Sheri is an extraordinary cook and the food tasted better than Chipotle Tacos. 


Michal pretending to cook:

Gek brought some boiled quail eggs (I did not dare to taste them, heck I don't even know what a quail is):

Sniper attack on Fatima;
So Fatima had a scary experience in one of the SOLE team member's room in our hotel. There is a building being constructed next to the hotel and can be seen from some rooms in the hotel. Apparently, she was sitting next to the window and she saw a lazer dot hovering over her. She tried to find the source and found a man standing on one of the floors of that empty building. How freaky is that?! :)). Needless to say, we tried to avoid the windows in Sheri's room. 
Fatima pointing at the building:

Buenas Noches! 

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