Sunday, October 18, 2015

Day 15. Sunday. Oct 18.

Day 15. We decided to take it easy today. We did a local trip to a famous flea market in the center of Bogota.

Georg being helped by a vendor to wear a poncho.

Poncho Villa. 

Divi buying some local music cds. 

We enjoyed some corn on the street. Reminded me of Bangalore.

Michal bought some nice paintings. 

Back in the hotel, I spent a couple of hours working as I had lost some time on Friday. I spent another quiet evening in the room watching Colts Patriots game while enjoying an ice cream. Tomorrow we get to present the deliverables to Diego, Sindy and Mathieu for the first time. Also we have a potluck/dinner planned with the PSF team.
PSF team introduced themselves to us couple of weeks ago. All of them (except Sindy) said they have 2 hobbies: Cooking and Dancing. (So I really look forward to having these great cooks in my kitchen :) )..... Sindy has 1 additional one -  Smiling! (Never heard this before!). I don't blame her though.

Sindy and Theo.

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