Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Day 22. Sunday. Oct 25

Piyon Liyon Mei Mei
Due to the professional nature of this blog, I was debating whether to write about this new phrase I learned. Due to the lack of interesting content for my blog in the recent days, I decided to include this. :o) . Thanks to Gek who taught me this phrase in Chinese which means "You are a pretty girl". The irony is that it does not work on pretty girls because apparently they are immune to it. So who can you impress with this phrase?......... I'll leave it to your imagination.
Fun fact. A google search of this term, returns the following result: " Three-dimensional and multidimensional microscopy image....". hmmm...Chinese must be a very technical language.

Day 22. Barely made it to breakfast (2 minutes before they closed shop) and scrounged on whatever I could find. We decided to go to the flea market again but to a different one. Thanks to Tracey, we found the best flea market in Bogota! It was 3 kilometers long! Starting on Avenue 7 street 24 to street 10!
Here you could find a wide variety of things from souvenirs to 30 year old Nintendo gaming consoles to Gramophones! We also saw some really interesting street performers and even bet on Hamsters!!

Hamster Betting:

We came across some firefighters near Plaza Bolivar. Since Steffen is a part-time firefighter, he was excited to take some pictures with them.

Daniel and Michal enjoyed some great icecream on the Septima (7th Ave). - which they later fed to the pigeons ;o).

We had a great time on the Septima!

I'm looking forward to the final week in Bogota! 

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