Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Week 3: Day 16. Monday. Oct 19.

"Viva Colombia!"
.. is the perfect ice-breaker phrase which can be used anywhere in Colombia- pubs, hotel, restaurants, grocery stores, taxis, etc. Guaranteed way to make friends for life.

Day 16. Wow, week 3 already. Good thing is we are really cruising in terms of delivering the promised tools and enhancements for PSF. Today we planned to demo the first set of deliverables to Diego and Sindy. We spent the first half of the day demoing the first iteration of the tools and processes to Diego and Sindy. I feel they were very happy with the result but of course they wanted to test the tools.

We spent the afternoon with Mathieu demoing the other tools we built for him. We even worked with Mathieu to create and design a trial version webstore on Shopify. This was really cool as we could see the products on a fully functional live webstore, accessible online. Just to set the context, currently PSF receives orders from customers via telephones, emails or google forms. Payments are made through bank transfer or cash. We recognized, quite early, that these archaic methods need to be changed, especially if PSF wants to scale to other cities (and even countries)!

In the evening, we planned a PSF team potluck at Nico Apartments. We grabbed a few things from the supermarket and waited for our guests/clients.
Guess who showed up? Juan Forero! What a surprise! We were really happy that Juan decided to attend our potluck. We were meeting him for the first time. A very captivating gentleman with whom we connected instantly. We spoke for a long time about our involvement with PSF and our work so far. He was spellbound by our achievements ( :o) Juan, if you disagree, please leave a comment below :D ). We mentioned to Juan, how impressed we were with the PSF team's commitment and worth ethics.
Meanwhile, the PSF colleagues (youngsters) cooked some awesome crepes, guacamole and veggies. Sindy made some delicious fried plantain scoops.
We had a great time with the team.

Sindy and Francios.


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  1. I agree with Srikanth's description of the night, even if we were just meeting for the first time ever, I could definitely feel the connection between SAP consultants and our team. Thank you for the invitation and for the good and smart ideas you are bringing to our projects...I can´t believe we are already in week 4.