Friday, October 9, 2015

Day 6

2 Orchids comrades are down with Diarrhea today. I will not disclose their names due to data protection and privacy laws :) . The team went for dinner last evening to a steak house and ate some raw meat. N.O.T a good idea!

Zona G.
Special thanks to Pyxera Global for the accommodation in Nico Aparta and Suites. The hotel is located in the "Zona G" area and is basically the Gourmet district of Bogota. Apart from being located in an upscale and safe area, the hotel is surrounded by some of the best restaurants in the city. From outstanding Colombian restaurants to acclaimed Juan Valdez Coffee shop, you can find pretty much any food you wish here -  Spanish, French, Chinese, Fusion, International, Italian, Peruvian?. No Problema!

Day 6. Overslept a bit (6 hours of sleep, Yay!) and missed a catch-up meeting with my manager (Sorry, Rico!).

Our agenda was to deep dive into the Centro COMParte line of business of PSF with Sindy Pinzon. Our meeting was scheduled at 9AM. We were surprised to find Sindy and Felix waiting for us at 8:50. Who said Colombians are late for meetings?!
We spent a 3 hours mapping the end to end business process. Wow the result looked great!
(Sorry for my bad handwriting)

We went to a vegetarian restaurant for lunch. They some really unique dishes which I had never seen before and some usual ones. The food was delicious!!

My lunch - Mazorcada: 

Sindy, Luis, Manon 

Francios, Theo, Michal.

We returned to the office and spent another 2-3 hours understanding the Financial Budgeting and Forecasting process and proposed a new forecasting process not only Sindy's line of business but also for overall PSF. We look forward to presenting this to Juan next week.
Outstanding support by Sindy and Theo. You guys Rock!

We came back to the hotel by 5PM and spent another hour debriefing.
We went to the supermarket to grab something to eat because it's a very early start tomorrow. Planning to sleep really early today as we (Orchids) fly to Cartagena tomorrow at 5:30AM. Monday, October 12th is a national holiday in Colombia so we planned a trip to the beach :). Cartagena has 16th century plazas, tropical climate, wonderful beaches, cobblestone alleys and colorful colonial buildings. We have a 6 hour guided tour planned tomorrow. Looking forward to it. Will be back in Bogota Monday evening.

A very successful day at work and a perfect end to a very long but fulfilling week!


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