Thursday, October 29, 2015

Day 25. Wednesday. Oct 28.

Spirits of Zipaquira:
Dan and I were wandering around in the salt mine and saw 2 ladies coming out from a narrow path leading to a vantage point. The ladies recommended that we go into that narrow path so we could get a great view of a long alley in the salt mine. This was certainly off-roading and not the path the guide would have taken us. Anyway, we decided to walk through that path - of course the view was awesome. Dan then switched on his cellphone camera and we saw something really strange. We saw what looked like tiny specs of light moving around. This could not be dust as there was lighting from the ceilings and the floor and any dust would have been picked up by these lights as well. Worse, I could not see it in my cellphone camera. Both of us have an iPhone 5s. 
Dan captured a video of it, which I don't think I will post on my blog. 

Day 25. By now, we have delivered on all the promises mentioned in our scope of work. We have a sense of accomplishment and pride that we helped a Foundation with such a noble cause with their mission (however tiny our contribution may be). We dedicated today to prepare the presentations for the PSF presentation on Thursday as well as the SAP presentation on Friday. 

Liza stopped by at Noon and we went to lunch at Crepes and Waffles. Liza took Michal and me to the rooftop lounge in Juan Valdez coffee shop. She bought me a coffee with unrefined cane sugar (called Panela). It was a unique tasting coffee! I loved it. 

Gerda, Michal and I spent until 7PM working on the presentations. We then spent sometime together reflecting on our experience thus far and our 4-week journey. 

Wow! What a journey this has been. Truly rewarding in every aspect. I'm thankful to everybody who has supported me - especially my wife. 

We're looking forward to present our accomplishments to the PSF team tomorrow. 

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