Friday, October 23, 2015

Day 19. Thursday. Oct 22.

When have you used the word "incredible" twice in the same day and truly meant it?

Day 19. Totally feeling rested by now and looking forward to the field visit to producer Rosalba's farm in Subachoque. Subachoque is a 90 minutes cab ride from Bogota.
I met the PSF photographer and our translator, Virginie, in the hotel lobby and waited for Gerda, Michal and Francios (who was also joining us to the farm). Virginie is a freelancer photographer, contracted by PSF. She is French. Her husband works in the Oil industry and we traveled to Subachoque in his company car. It was a Toyota Prado with Bulletproof windows!
Look at the thickness of the windows:

The landscape, en route to Subachoque was amazing!

Rosalba's house/farm is more than 3300 meters above sea level and on top of a mountain, overlooking the entire valley spanning many villages, including Subachoque. The heavy bulletproof SUV barely made it up the mountain. At one point, we lost traction and started moving downhill in reverse in a particular section of the mountainous road. By the time we reached the top, the SUV was smelling of burnt rubber.

The weather was just perfect!
We were greeted by some not-so-friendly dogs.

We could already see the animals around the farm.

The view from inside of her house was truly spectacular!

Rosalba is a producer of PSF Mercados. She is 70 years old and manages her farm on her own! She only produces organic products which include Yogurts, Bread, Cookies, etc. She produces 5000 yogurt cups and more than 100 breads per week. She was an attorney in Bogota and retired 10 years ago. Rosalba was extremely warm and friendly and was very happy to have us at her farm.

She made amazing Cappuccino with fresh cow's milk and some carrot-yogurt delicacy (this tasted like Carrot-halwa :)). She also gave us homemade cookies. All organic!

She gave us a tour of her farm and her "yogurt house".

We saw a horse being trained in a traditional walking technique (ambling).

This picture below reminds of the Gangnam style song :o) .

Francios, who is an agronomy engineer, inquired about a lot of topics to make sure that the products are indeed organic. It was a good learning experience. 

We thanked Rosalba and headed back to the PSF office. 

Gerda and Michal knocked out!

We met with Sindy in the afternoon and discussed her feedback on the first set of deliverables. We also tried to setup an Amazon page for her to sell her Creaciones COMParte products. 
In the evening, we planned a dinner at a Peruvian restaurant. This is the most upscale restaurant in Zona G and the most expensive restaurant in Bogota.
The food definitely lived up to it's expectations... and so did the bill :/ (69,000 pesos. definitely not the incredible experience I was refering to earlier)

Veggies and fruits in an Andean broth. Tasted like Navratan Kurma (Indian dish) .

As if I was not satisfied with the day, I decided to go with Steffen to Monserrate. It was 10 PM by now, so we were definitely taking a risk :) . We took a cab and then a funicular up the mountain. It was another 10 minute hike uphill to reach the highest point of the mountain. I was totally breathless by the time we reached the top. Another 3150 m above sea level! Just for reference, the tallest mountain in Austria is about 3700 m high.
The view of Bogota from the mountain, in the moonlight, was just incredible! 


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