Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Week 2: Day 10. Tuesday. October 13, 2015

Czech Republic
has the most beer consumption per capita in the world! About 167 litres per person per year!! I learned this from Michal and was curious about the reason. So here is his explanation. During the communist rule, people had nothing else to do other than hanging out in pubs and drinking beer. Therefore, any town, however small, in Czech republic has 3 things: Church, Football field and a Pub (brewery).

By the end of this month, Colombia will be in 2nd spot. Yup.

Day 10. 2nd week is officially here! On Friday of last week, we walked away pretty confident that our scope of work and deliverables were taking good shape. Today, we had to tailor our process map with Diego and Mathieu. We spent most of the day talking about different requirements from Diego and Mathieu. 

I was so excited to discuss the strategy & pricing of Trainings and Installation of gardens that I wrote on the only whiteboard in PSF with a permanent marker!! Ouch! 

Tracey did not buy into my spiel about how important the diagram was and why it should never be erased! Of course, I was given the task of figuring out how to erase this lovely board. 

Ways to erase a permanent marker from a white board:
  • Use an eraser (used for pencils)
  • Use a hand sanitizer. I found a need for my hand sanitizer finally. 

By the end of the day, we had a pretty good idea of what PSF needed in order to reach the next level of operation. Tomorrow we have to really get down to execution of these deliverables! Cant wait to get started. 

Interview for a TV channel
Tracey surprised us with a request from a local TV channel to interview us on Thursday this week. Wow! We will officially be celebrities from Thursday. For the interview, our plan is to drive to Centro COMParte office in Santa Rosa on Thursday afternoon. Last time we visited the Santa Rosa neighborhood, Tracey asked us to wear Yoga pants to make sure we blend in. Now, the dilemma is if we should wear business attire for the interview. We are thinking of creative ways - like dress shirts and yoga pants but making sure our lower half is not seen on TV. 

Meanwhile, it was Tuesday and time for our team meeting. It was supposed to start at 6 PM. We left PSF office at 5 PM and did not reach until 6:20. The traffic in Bogota, especially when it rains, is pretty nasty. Mama Liza brought us some Oranges and Granadilla fruit. Almost everyday, I am surprised with a new fruit, I had no idea about! 

Granadilla. It was delicious!!  Liza in the background.

So much to write but so little time. Ciao! 

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