Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Day 11. Wednesday. Oct 14.

Day 11.
We worked from the hotel meeting room today. We were so focused that 10 hours passed in a blink. We completed the first versions of a couple of deliverables - budgeting and forecasting templates, end to end process map, review of cloud solutions for order management, etc.

We took the afternoon lunch break to drop off our laundry. 29,000 pesos or 10 USD for washing, drying and folding of 14 pounds of laundry. Pretty good value! We picked up the laundry at 6 PM.
Michal and Gerda did not go for the folding option and Gerda ended up folding Michal's clothes.

I planned a coffee tour for the coming Saturday for the Orchids. The sales manager of Nico Aparta, Olga was so kind and helpful. She helped me speak with the Coffee Plantation, Hacienda Coloma in the town Fusagasuga and reserved a coffee tour for us.

Sabrina, Sheri, Steffen (the Genesis team) and I went to a nearby mall to watch "Colombia Wild Magic". Thanks Liza for helping us make the reservation. It was an incredible movie - humming birds, condors, leopards, monkeys, fish, whales, etc - all captured with ultra-slow motion cameras, making the motion picture truly spectacular on the big screen.

Popcorn sizes are ridiculously disproportionate here in Bogota. I requested for a "Small" size popcorn and received a rice-cooker sized bucket filled with popcorn. Sabrina saw this and requested a kid size and got this:

Tomorrow, Thursday, is the big day. We interview with the local TV channel. I'm really looking forward to doing some marketing for PSF!

Buenas Noches!

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