Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Day 9

Week 2, technically. But since today (Monday, October 12th) is a holiday (Columbus day) in Colombia, we're still in Cartagena, enjoying the beach. So much to write but so little time.

Day 9. We had a flight back to Bogota at 6 30 PM so we had 1 day to burn. Late start to the day, woke up by 8:30 AM and had a good breakfast in the hotel.

Cartagena has a Colombian Naval Base so we saw quite a few uniformed men on the streets. I could even see the naval ships decorated for the Columbus day while having breakfast.

We met at the lobby by 12:30 PM so we could head to the old town for one last time for lunch and some souvenir shopping. In the old town, we were hounded by street vendors selling Colombian music CDs, souvenirs, knock off sunglasses of Ray Ban, Gucci, Watches by Rado, Rolex and Colombian football T-shirts.

Steffen with his awesome SLR.

Dear Mama Liza, por favor -  Steffen broke rule #1. Do not take taxis from the street. Worse, he did it with a grin on his face.

After wandering around in the old town and being stalked by the street vendors, we finally found an Italian/Colombian restaurant to have lunch. Horrible! Italian food is really bad in Colombia. I barely had 2 bites of my pasta and couldn't eat more. Limonada de Coco was great though! I used the remaining time to do some souvenir shopping in the next door shop for my colleagues back in NSQ :) :) .

We headed back to the hotel and were picked up and dropped at the airport by our transfer bus. A porter tried to force open our bus door to help us with the luggage. By now we were all tired and looking forward to head back home (Bogota! :) ). We were so irritated with this porter that all of us yelled in Unison, "NOOOO!". He was petrified and responded with a murmer "No? Okayyyyy.."

Divya and Gek did some Emerald shopping at the airport and seemed like they were broke :).

Gek showed an act of kindness by giving a cough drop to the airport ground worker. Our flight in the background can be seen. We were the first the enter the flight! Woohoo!

Morbid-joke maker Rene, spotted a female pilot and wished us good-luck.

A very uneventful day, nevertheless we were completely recharged and looking forward to Week 2.

Hasta Luego.

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