Sunday, October 25, 2015

Special Post: Global Giving. Day 20. Friday. Oct 23.

Being a Social Business, Proyectar Sin Fronteras intends to make a profit from its business in order to reinvest into new social activities - therefore creating "sustainable aid". For example, in the Mercados line of business, PSF essentially sells baskets of organic fruits and vegetables to households in Bogota and reinvests the profits into training the micro farmers/producers from vulnerable areas in Bogota.

Organizations like PSF make a world of difference to people in low income neighborhoods with little or no education by providing them with sustainable income. The employees of PSF do this without expecting too much in return for themselves. They do this because they are invested in making a change. PSF does not compromise on quality of the products. Therefore there are a few exception farmers who are not from vulnerable areas. For example: Rosalba.

Unfortunately, PSF has not been making a profit on the Mercados business or any of their other line of businesses yet. Therefore, they are in need of funding. There are multiple ways PSF tries to seek funding - they write proposals for funding from large corporations, they seek crowdfunding, donations, etc. Since their business is scaling, they are in need of as much funding as possible.
Please visit the PSF website here:
You can also follow them on twitter:
Their facebook page:
Mercados page:

Global Giving.
PSF has a crowdfunding campaign coming up called Open Challenge where they have to raise 5000 USD with a minimum of 40 different donors. If they achieve this challenge, they get to keep the money (5000 USD) and will be permanently accepted on the Global Giving platform where people from all over the world can shop causes and donate at the click of a button. I was told by Tracey that this has not been setup yet and is expected to be finalized in the coming weeks. I will write another blog post when they have this website setup.

In the meantime, if you feel generous and would like to help this Foundation, please donate here:

Day 20. We had a great day at the PSF office. The feedback on our deliverables was great! Obviously, there was a little bit of change management we had to handle but with Juan in the office, this was easy.
We have planned a visit to Zipaquira and Guatavita on Saturday. Zipaquira is one of the oldest cities in Colombia and is home to the Salt Cathedral, 200 meters underground. This Salt Cathedral was built inside the salt mines of the Halite mountain. Lake Gautavita on the other hand, is home to the legend of El Dorado.
Will be an interesting visit.

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